Headless Commerce: The Future of Digital Commerce

We are living in digital era, digital technologies such as VR, AR has brought many conveniences to the customer. This is making business leaders to invest on customer experience now more than ever. Amazing UI, smart voice assistants and multiple interfaces are becoming the part of consumers buying journey. At the same time, it is difficult for legacy eCommerce platforms to keep up with the increasing demands. Organizations that rely on eCommerce as a core part of
their business model need to adapt to keep a competitive edge – as such, many are transitioning to headless commerce to meet growing consumer expectations.

Let’s Understand Headless Commerce-

In its simplest form, headless commerce is an eCommerce solution where the frontend presentation (head) has been decoupled from the backend commerce functionality using progressive web APIs. As ecommerce is adapting multichannel sales model, such as on mobile, social, or IoT channels, the traditional eCommerce platforms are not nimble. For all those different devices, you need to have a separate heads of your store to be able to easily reach your audience (consumer). And that is exactly what Headless lets you do that.

Touch-points where visitors interact and transacts are knows as the head of the store. And where the business get operated, product managements, store managements, inventory management, logistics and so forth are parts of body of that store. Using a headless commerce helps enterprises
leverage more flexibility to create unique experience for your visitors irrespective of the touch points. They can select and customize features and functionalities of their commerce platform as per there convenience.

Benefits of Headless Commerce:

  • Front End Development: No design constrain, you can focus more on User Experience.
  • Ease of Customization and Integration: Finally, you are able to develop your store without any barrier of technology supports. Because it is developed using system of APIs, you can integrate any third-party tools.
  • Faster Updates: Ease to update multiple storefronts at a considerable time. Performance: No hidden truth now-a-days, your store performance plays a major role in customer buying journey. With headless commerce, you are can deliver wow experience to your customers.
  • Flexibility for developers: Modular system; Faster development; Isolated team.
  • Flexibility for merchants: Responsible team/developer for each service; Efficient Development; Fast go to market.

Headless Commerce- the Future of Responsive Designs

Headless Commerce is a modern solution, which underpin several benefits and futuristic features. For example, in the age of virtual assistants like Alexa and Siri, it is difficult for business leaders to predict how their products will be reached out-to, by their consumers. Additionally, it would be too complex for eCommerce leaders to optimize their online store. Headless commerce uses emerging web browser APIs and features along with  traditional progressive enhancement strategy to bring a native app-like user experience to cross-
platform web applications.

Let’s take an example- Two decades back it was very simple, the stores were developed keeping desktop device in mind, but after some year (2007) smartphone came into the market with a challenge to make online application responsive to both web and mobile. Now they need to cover
multiple devices in mind while developing the site and thus responsive design came for conventional websites. Today the demand is evolved we are opting Smart devices. From Smartphone, to Smart Watch. Smart TV, Smart Refrigerator, Smart Printer, Smart House, Smart Vehicle, and consumer are opting smart. And making online store compatible to all access point in not possible with responsive UI. Therefore headless commerce is the need of the hour.


Evolving from the past, when smartphones came into the market, the companies who focused on mobile responsiveness have been able to offer unique experience to their customers. Similarly, in the current scenario with so many contact points you need to consider headless commerce. Headless Commerce is like responsive designs one decade back, it is the future of coming decades.

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