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Three Ways a Magento eCommerce Development Company Can Help Businesses Thrive

Choosing the right eCommerce platform for your business can feel like a daunting task. Whether you’re venturing into digital commerce for the first time or are seeking to upgrade existing functionality, there are dozens of options for sellers of all sizes.

Magento is a highly flexible, cost-effective solution that powers 12% of all eCommerce sites and counting. It offers a vast array of features, including:

  • Integration with the business tools you already use
  • Reliable, omnichannel commerce
  • Customizable options to suit small and large businesses
  • Leading security and payment compliance

In fact, the platform is so robust that you might miss out on some of its best features when managing it in-house. Partnering with a Magento eCommerce development agency is one way to ensure you unlock the platform’s full potential.

Here are just a few of the top benefits your business can realize from working with a Magento expert:

#3: Increase Conversions with Mobile Magento eCommerce
Digital commerce accelerated rapidly throughout 2020, with approximately five years of growth packed into just 12 months. This impressive uptick included a 10% increase in mobile transactions and over 100% growth in “buy online, pick up in-store” shopping.
In short: if your eCommerce site doesn’t perform well on smartphones, you’re going to miss out on revenue. Mobile websites that are a shrunken-down version of desktop sites are hard to navigate on a small screen, leaving would-be buyers frustrated and carts abandoned. By working with a Magento eCommerce development expert, you can ensure you experience:

  • Improved website speeds
  • Responsive storefronts that work well on mobile and desktop
  • Stable and secure connections that inspire customers’ trust
  • Omnichannel digital commerce sales
  • A shopping experience that works seamlessly on any device or web browser

#2: Build Customer Trust in Your eCommerce Brand
Businesses powered by Magento should be currently running Magento 2. If your site is on an older version, it’s time for an upgrade!
Your Adobe-certified Magento eCommerce development partner can ensure your site is always up-to-date with the most recent versions and security patches. This can include:

  • PCI compliance for secure credit card transactions
  • Secure HTTPS website connections
  • Up-to-date plugins and integrations
  • The right framework to remain online and stable during periods of high traffic
  • Fraud defense

These features not only provide business owners with peace of mind, but inspire trust in customers as well.

#1: Maximize Budget and Resources with Magento eCommerce Development
Updating an eCommerce platform or migrating to a new system used to be a time- and budget-intensive process. Migrations sapped resources and left teams racing against the clock to get sites back online.
Magento is compatible with a fast, agile approach to deployment. Benefits include:

  • Stable and secure migration to Magento from other platforms
  • Updates can happen as you need them, not once every few years
  • Implementing new security and plugin patches right away
  • The ability to roll out changes on pace with or ahead of competitors
  • Freeing your staff’s time and resources to focus on more important things — no more putting out fires

If you’ve been reluctant to upgrade your site due to the expected cost and time commitment, or aren’t sure if you’ve taken full advantage of Magento’s feature sets, it’s time to talk to an expert.

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